Time for the ” Question of the week “

Does better insurance affect quality of care?

We have all been there, sitting in a Hospital waiting room – waiting, and waiting, and waiting…Where it feels as though we are living every minute in dog years. We sift and skim through the pamphlets, magazines, and what’s left of the daily paper….

On to the vending machines we go, rummaging through our purses, wallets and pockets in hopes of having just enough.

Finally the TRIAGE doors swing open. The clipboard-clad nurse decked out in flowery scrubs looks down at the list of hope and devastation, scrupulously giving it a twice -over.  As she looks up…. breaths are held…hope is high….fingers are crossed….And then……Nope instead of you, and your feverish, achy, flu ridden self……She has the AUDACITY to summons “Mr. Snazzy sniffles Fancy pants”!

……………??? WHAT???………………

What makes him so special?, He got here after me, didn’t he? He looks fine to me! Everyone mumbles, grunts, and complains….including yourself.

Now perhaps he was the last one to join in the wait, maybe he was far less critical than others waiting, he may have even been non- emergent completely…

So poses the question of hospital protocol, and politics.

Was he indeed called, triaged, treated, and sent on his merry way simply because:

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—- Heather Cornell



  1. My daughter was born during the winter. She was about 2 months when she got sick. Just a minor cold. Of course her being so new i freaked and went to the emergency room. We were seen for the whole vitals and stuff go back out there and yes look thru flyers magazines and such. Some skinny pimple popping meth looking female comes in and she looks fine. Mind you i was waiting for almost 20 minutes before skinny minnie came along. She got seen before my daughter. I then without question thought nothing left the car seat with her father and demanded an explanation why this had happened. I at that point have been waiting about an hour and a half. They told me its priority. Priority!!!!!!! I went and picked the car seat up and showed them my child still said im sorry priority. So i still waited just in case for like another Hour. I said screw this mommy can do this. Home remedy it is. And my daughter got better few days after. So to answer your question. They will take a meth head before an infant because its a “PRIORITY”.


  2. Of course he had better insurance. Or he knew someone. Hospitals are true social centers. Someone familiar with the way the center operates can navigate the constant ebb/flow that is the hospital. My trick is to not be a sheep. Proactive people are most successful. Just a thought.


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