^ Governor Baker : spearheading charter school cap lift no matter what

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The big push underway to lift Massachusetts’s limitation on the number of allowed charter schools may be seen as a vast laptop motherboard upon which interest groups, like chips, work to process the demand and convert it to a positive vote on ballot day next year.

As with a motherboard, if the charter school initiative is to work, all of its code must adhere. If there’s a error in the code, or –worse yet — a virus in the software, the code will lead not to a successful vote but to site crash.

I see such a virus in the charter school code right now, diverting its sequence to an end very different from charter cap lift.

It shoulo be an axiom that all interests working for charter cap lift ballot success should commit to …charter cap lift. But the disconnect hetween Governor Baker’s charter cap legislation and Mayor Walsh’s has given a hacker entry to the system, and it has taken advantage thereof.

The hacker in question has made plain that it supports Mayor Walsh’s much more cautious charter cap lift and does not support Governor Baker’s. On the hacker’s facebook pages and in its tweets Governor Baker is never mentioned; he might as well not exist, much less be the major player in charter cap lift.

What could the hacker’s motive possibly then be ? They make no secret of it : advance the innterests of a political party. Charter cap lift is secondary to their goal, if even that.

The hacker’s record in this regard is clear. It claims to support charter school expansion, yet in last year’s Governor election, it supported not Baker, who called openly for charter expansion, but his opponent, whose view of charter school numbers was never stated.

Today, the hacker lauds Mayor Walsh as an education leader; yet it opposed Walsh in the 2013 Mayor election, and the hacker’s leaders moved heaven and earth to squash the Boston 2024 Olympic games that Walsh dearly wanted. Thus we see that the hacker is no stranger to e-mailing its own agenda into whatever election or initiative suits its CGI.

The hacker I have in mind has pooped all over the map, inscutably, when the issue involves Democrats versus Democrats; but clearer than a java-error dialog box when the issue it professes is led by a Republican, as is Governor Baker.

For the hacker, Baker must be stopped, not mentioned, his legislation never talked of, the ballot initiative put into the hands of hacker operatives so that Baker takes all the heat and none of the credit, which for the hacker, goes (with utomost dissimulation) to Mayor Walsh, whose game is to have charter cap lift, but with Baker taking all the political pushback.

Mayor Walsh ca be excused for deflecting the opposition; he faces re-election in less than two years. For an interest group that claims education transformation, playing a game of deception on a field of virus should alert policy makers to the warning signals being sent by a big motherboard under wormed attack.

Look : charter cap lift is crucial to the aspirations of thousands of Massachusetts parents, most of them people of color and/or of low income. Making school option available to these parents and children is a serious mission. it is not to be the plaything of interests with other agendas, especially partisan ones. there is nothing partisan about giving children in need better options. Let us have the discussion on its own terms undiverted by partisan manipulation.

—- Mike Freedberg / Here ad Sphere

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