^ Fiola : state transportation funds will help Fall River. Steinhof : too much EBT and MBTA fraud going on to ask for new funds

Next Tuesday voters of Freetown and the North End of Fall River will go to the polls to choose a new State Representative. The vacancy results from the resignation several months ago of State Representative David Sullivan.

The candidates are David Steinhof, a third-generation Fall River dentist, and Carole Fiola, whose husband Ken Fiola is vice-president of Fall River’s Economic Development Office.

At a debate a few nights ago, as reported in the Herald News, Fiola said that she supports the State’s new gas and cigarette tax but not the software services tax; Steinhof favors n o new taxes. Fiola said that she supported the two taxes — but not the software tax — because Fall river needs new funds to improve transportation to and from the city’ Steinhof says that Fall River doesn’t need new funds because it’s already got a great, deep water port, as he put it.

Steinhof also said that with all the “fraud,” as he put it, going on in the EBT program and in the MBTA, the State can find funds by eliminating the “fraud.”

Polls open at 7 A.M. next Tuesday.

—- Michael Freedberg / Here and Sphere

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