Wilbert Harrison’s great song really does say it all.

“Together we’ll stand; divided, we’ll fall. Come on now, people, let’s get on the ball ! Let’s work together, every boy, girl, woman and Man !

“When things go wrong, as they sometimes do, the road to travel is all of you !”

On this Labor Day, when so many loud voices are abroad in the hand decrying those who suffer, those who want, those who work for wages so cheap that they must have public assistance to make do; when politicians think it good and proper to demean people for the lifestyles they live; when talk show charlatans insult everyone and get cheered for doing so; when governments in so,me states resolve to deny people they don’t like the right to vote and to make women’s health care their choice rather than the choice of those women actually being cared for — when all of these events seem impossible to excise from American civic life right now, it is good to recall that the saga of work and workers in our nation reaches its highest achievements when all have worked together. Businesses too. Shoulder to shoulder and one for each other, knowing that, indeed, divided, we will fall; and that together, we will stand. And prosper — every boy, girl, woman and man.

Note that Harrison says “every.’ He doesn’t distinguish between citizen and immigrant :

“Make someone happy, make someone smile; all work together and make life worthwhile.”

Let’s do this. we CAN do this.

All of you. all of us. So yes : let’s work together.

— The editors / Here and Sphere

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