The beginning of any new venture in the media world should be a time for celebration. And we the editors of Here And Sphere are celebrating.

We celebrate the desire of people to know what other people are doing, locally and world wide.

We celebrate that people talk about what people — including themselves — are doing.

We celebrate the written word, the languages that guide and protect words and give them collective shape in the service of meaning; of information; of intention and inclination. For without language, we could not exist or serve.

We also celebrate Here and Sphere and its mission: to bring to YOU, the reader, the information we care about; information that we find interesting, or useful, or necessary, or any combination thereof.

Here and Sphere means what the name says : we live in the entire world of information, from Earth to Cloud; and we also live in specific places. The world is Sphere; specific places are Here. We shall report from both and about both.

Here and Sphere will report the news and opine on it.

Here and Sphere will review arts performances — the good, the mediocre, the lousy, and the great.

Here and Sphere will talk your lifestyles — and the life observations of our bloggers.

Here and Sphere will talk Cars; Pets; Social advice; Parenting; and “Crazy Stuff.”

We will not be all things to all people. Other media have their priorities, and we will have ours. We are trying not to replace other publications but to add to them.

We will have an identity, readily noticeable, distinct in tone, content, and look.

Lastly, Here and Sphere will report politics and opine about them. Our outlook is that of a sensible progressivism: we believe that all people matter; that all have full civil rights and are entitled to have their civil rights rigorously defended; that all people deserve meaningful health care; the right to a job and pay sufficient to survive and even prevail; and that all people deserve a place to call home, sufficient food, and the quiet enjoyment of their lives and the lives of their family, friends, and neighbors.

We affirm that governments local, state, and federal exist to assure and promote these basic rights, expectations, and aspirations; and that all of us are equally responsible, morally and politically, to see to their application to all of us.

We rue the negativity in today’;s political discourse; the fear; the grasping after illusions; the retreat into mythologies; the disinclination to facts and evidence; the rush to judgment; the attempts by some to use the law to impose this or that religious regulation on the entire community;, the self-promotion at the expense of others; the attachment of many to guns and ammunition; and the lack of patriotism in those who attach the word “patriot” to their profiles.

We prefer hope to gloom; inclusion to exclusion; and a fruitful imagination to a diet of self-deceptions.

We shall rigorously pursue the good and never shrink from spotlighting the bad. And in both Sphere and Here there is plenty of each.

And that, dear readers, is what Here and Sphere now sets forth to do. We are honored to have your company as we journey forth.

—– From the Founders and Editors of Here and Sphere

Michael Freedberg

photo (46)

and Heather Cornell

photo (75)


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