Sat, May 18, 2013 at 6:27 PM

Hello, dear Kat people !

Today’s topic is one that we often ignore. Hint: we do it all day and don’t realize it. It’s a subconscious, involuntary, and oblivious action we fixate ourselves on daily.

Is your curiosity aroused? Do I have your full attention? Drum roll please!

The hot topic of discussion is “PERCEPTIONS”. Ta-dah! Perceptions are how we interpret everything around us. Although simple in theory my topic is rather complex in its dynamics. Everything we encounter is actively being analyzed on an extroverted level. The complexity of perceptions is unique to each individual. For example, how we view ourselves is usually inconsistent with those around us. Perceptions tend to be exclusive in the sense, that no two people identify an object identically.

If you have read this far I feel it’s safe to say, “Get a mirror”.

I apologize for engaging you, my readers, in so cruel a manner, but remember : there’s a point to be made, so let’s get to it, OK ?

Hair colors obviously unnatural and artsy hair styles have been resurrected; but so has misconception. News Flash: It doesn’t look good on everyone! If I somehow managed to offend some people by saying that, I place complete blame on the media. Everyday we’re bombarded with perception-altering ideals and images. More ladies should reflect their own perceptions inwards prior to dyeing their hair electric red — and please drop the Wahl clippers! You are not replicating a Rihanna/ Miley Cyrus hybrid. Instead you resemble a strung out Ronald McDonald suffering from ringworm of the scalp.

Personally, I hold perceptions to the same standards as I apply to drugs. Perceptions alter judgment and hinder responsible decision making. And so I conclude, if perceptions are a drug, some people are higher on them than the ceiling in Charlie Sheen’s private opium den.

—- Kat Gottlich / “Kat Got your Tongue”