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^ enemies ? really ? to the national GOP, yes

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The phrase arises from revolutionary Europe of 100 years ago, where it was often misapplied; but today, here in America it applies precisely. The national GOP has made clear that it is the people’s enemy. Time and time again, and yet again: for on Friday, the House GOP voted to adopt enemy status.

I refer to the so-called “Border Bill.” It passed the House by a vote of 223 to 180. The story may be read by clicking this link : http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2014/08/01/border-funding-house-bill/13457447/

This Border Bill — which is dead on arrival at the Senate — provides additional immigration judges, some $ 684 million to states to cover the cost of housing refugee children — whom it wants gone ASAP — and goes on to authorize the National guard to patrol the border.

The National Guard ? Really ? So it is coming to that, in the minds of the national GOP ? Fortress America ?

Clearly the national GOP doesn’t much value (or doesn’t know) Napoleon’s saying : “it is an axiom of the art of war that the side that stays within its fortifications is beaten.”

To the national GOP, we ARE at war — with the entire world, whose beneficial practices it rejects, whose people it fears, and whose dark side it doesn’t understand at all — and might as well circle the wagons and lose.

The House bill digs a deeper grave. At the Tea Party’s insistence, an amendment was added, repealing President Obama’s executive order of two years ago, which gave about one million young undocumenteds — so-called “Dreamers” — permission, under conditions, to remain in America and not be deported. This amendment was too muhch for all of eleven (11) House Republicans. they voted “no.” The amendment still passed, 210 to 192.

Can the national GOP really be so stupid as to offend nearly every Latino family in America — for nearly every such family has a relative or a friend, or both, who face deportation — by voting such punitive legislation ? It seems that yes, the national GOP is just that stupid.

An enemy of the people.

Here in Massachusetts, even, running in a Congressional District loaded with immigrants — the 9th, now represented by Bill Keating (D) — the most “reasonable” of the four Republicans running against Keating yesterday posted on his facebook page a long and pointed critique of Keating for voting “no” on the border Bill.

The candidate who did that is John Chapman. Can Chapman really be that stupid / that offensive to those whom he hopes to represent ? The gods only know what his three “unreasonable’; GOP opponents must be posting.

It turns out that Chapman isn’t as stupid as i would like to think him. In the Republican primary, he does in fact face voters who mostly share his views. recent polls have shown that about 43 to 44 percent of all Massachusetts voters oppose Governor Patrick’s plan to house the 1,000 refugee children being sent to this state. Among Republicans, who in Massachusetts reject almost everything that most of our state’s voters want, the figure in opposition must be hugely higher.

But if Chapman’s anti-immigrant posting probably represents majority opinion among GOP primary voters, it is very much a minority opinion in his District, which has far more immigrants than the state average. Moreover, Chapman’s post fails the moral test ; a test which Jeb Bush so well summed up, about immigrants coming to America against the law, that “it’s not a felony, it’s an act of love, to give their families a better life.”

One would think that the national GOP, and John Chapman, would embrace Bush’s view, which holds so much promise for welcoming the millions who risk life and limb to come to the country that used to represent the best hope of mankind. But no. the national GOP does not embrace Bush’s vision. probably because it also doesn’t believe that America is the last best hope of mankind. One surmises that to the national GOP, as it rejects immigrants, who are, after all, the very definition of our nation, America is finished, and all that is left is to give it a good swift burial.

No guarantee of health care for all. No advocacy of fair wages for all workers. Suppression rather than enablement of voting. Harassing women in their most intimate health concerns. No help for the unemployed or for veterans. Shutting down the government. No money for infrastructure repair and improvements. Tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs overseas. Demonizing gay people and transgenders. And boundless hatred for immigrants who risk all to come here.

Enemy of the people ? Yes. Enemy of the people.

—- Mike Freedberg / Here and Sphere

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