True Life “Know your circle” Lesson learned : February


Sometimes we hurt the ones we “love”??I call BS. It’s more like we know certain people are far more forgiving, choose to see good where you allow evil to reside, and will love you unconditionally. .BECAUSE that’s who THEY ARE!! The real challenge isn’t for a “fake friend, phoney family , or fictitious fraudulent fkrs to see how much you will tolerate, or test your breaking point. The true test is weather or not you allow their negative, selfishness, and arrogance in the face of humble honest love jade, daunt, or disable the you that is beautifully rare. Rise to meet their judgement and complete faithlessness in you with

A) Your head held high, and eyes

B) Vow to YOURSELF to be more cautious and careful who has access to your heart especially if they have held and hurt it before.

C) Prove to yourself that you KNOW humans will almost always let you down, if you do not share the same common bond of humanity, love, and respect. Put your trust in God and the abilities he gave you to spot a sly, and self serving serpent even amidst a pit of snakes. Allow their viper and spewn venom, to only act as anti-venom if you so happen to fall pray to deceit, slander, or purposeful puppetry of your emotions. Let the hurt become your motivation to greet deceit with honor, forgiveness, and a wiser take on such vial creatures. They will allow you the clarity to grow, move forward and prevail with grace, and a sweet spirit in tact despite their intentions, actions, or malice

D) Do NOT break, even if you’ve bent. True strength and good, will ALWAYS prevail as long as you trust that you’ve done all you can, compassion and empathy given, and mistreated – you still stay focused on your purpose.Success is ALWAYS a product of your purposefully planned, and we’ll lived life.

— Heather Cornell / Here and Sphere

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