February 1, 2014 ….
And the tech gods heard my prayer, and granted my request. Ecstatic does not cover it. — feeling Like March feels forever away.

February 4, 2014 ….
Heart shaped cookie dough donuts?? Omgggg …..#MuffinMangeniusness — feeling hungry.

February 5, 2014 ….
Can someone please post about all this snow? I don’t think anyone knows about it yet. Is it obvious I didn’t get to the liquor store? — feeling stuck inside without happy juice.

February 5, 2014 ….
-Grab food, beer, and other liquor ( defeating the purpose if the gym)
-Feel so guilty about undoing my gym time that I consume ALL the items listed.
– Drunken EVERYTHING after that point. Hmmm works for me. — feeling Like snow makes me want to drink and cook stuff.

February 5, 2014 ….

Bed. … The next few days should be full of inanity, lots to do tomorrow… night yall.
February 7, 2014 ….

She’s so crazy ha ha ha love her — feeling Like there are no bad days when your daughter is this awesome

February 8, 2014 ….

Procrastinating packing I am not impressed With moving my crap AGAIN when I Said I wanted to live here till I buy my Own house I guess what I meant was”I HATE MOVING Stuff Specially MY stuff.HEY LANDLORD JK So by all means please take that as ( sell the house in a year -force tenants out) ….- NOW to figure out where I want need/am going to move to …… GAH — feeling Like UHAUL and I should have (It’s Complicated) as our relationship statuses ooomph.

February 9, 2014 ….

I think Lauryn Estrella and I should go to BASS WAVE as She-Ra & Catra just cuz…. pros vs. Cons
CON: HeMan reminds me of a low budget Arnold Schwarzenegger cartoon, and gladiator sandals on men — JUST WRONG
PRO: But he totally had a tiger.
PRO: Catra had her own badass feline chauffer.
PRO: Castle of Gray Skull.. nuff said #randomcoffeethought — feeling Like I want to be a “superhero” for a few hours.

February 9, 2014 ….

The moment you realize that you’re realizing a moment. And then laughing as you realize your epiphany is only about the fact that if I’m typing an emoticon, I simultaneously unknowingly mimic the lil yellow head… BUT… On my actual face……. Hmmmm I dislike this discovery that is all! — feeling my fave shape shift to match the one at the start of this sentence.

February 10, 2014 ….

One of my fave tech-sexy DJ/producers is coming just in time for mine and Angel’s Bdays…. This guy is serious, and I’m more than excited.

February 11, 2014 ….

I’m really starting to despise these late night rendezvous with bakery items. Grrr, don’t mind gaining weight I just wish I would think ahead and bake earlier because baking after 10 pm once the pm mads kick in is frickin tricky shit. JS. — feeling pre-apologetic to the fire Department for what may or nay not transpire in my kitchen. @_@.

February 12, 2014 …

Smiles put on your face by the most unexpected people….Good stuff…. Sweet dreams yall xo — feeling Grateful and Sleepy, GOODnight..

February 14, 2014 ….
Blah Blah blah single, Blah Blah oooh presents, screw love, I’m in love, I hate love, Valentines day blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and stuff. STAAAAAHHHHHP IT, HAS EVERYONE GONE INSANE? THE IMPORTANT THING HERE IS THIS: tomorrow all chocolate is 50% off…Get with it people #priorities #hypedupdayforsuckers #realloveslikethisallyear #IsitMindControltimeyet

February 15, 2014 ….

To all my good friends that TODAY has been so hard on, for so many reasons…. Please Please do me the favor of knowing theses things.
A) YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH, YOU DO, yes DO DESERVE all your hearts desires, just make sure what you desire is worth all your attention, love, and heart.
B) Stop lowering your standards, and let him rise to meet yours.
C) The one that;s meant to love you only adds to your life, never deliberately or repeatedly makes conscious decisions to take from your life, put you down, hurt you, or cause you to feel less than you are.
MY TRUE FEW, are BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, SMART, AMAZING woman,STOP SETTLING My friends deserve the dreams they carry in their heart — and the return of the love, compassion, and so much more they put out. KNOW THESE THINGS AS TRUE, Because they are. I love you, “you don’t have to chase someone who wants to stay. – TS” <3xo

February 15, 2014 ….

2 thoughts
1)We need a back up after-hours– we can call it “The Crisis Center”, lord knows it feels like a damn crisis when .: says stay home lol.
2) We need a liquor delivery service, that should also keep several traveling chefs and masseuses on staff.
k that is all

— Heather Cornell / for Here and Sphere

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