IMAGINE… That not EVERYTHING you “think” you’ve seen, read, or heard “might” NOT be true!!

“PEDRO’S STORY” —  an insider’s first hand knowledge — might make you re-think exactly that.

Immigration reform, citizenship, amnesty, undocumented workers, bipartisan deals…. These words and phrases are seen, read, and heard in every news, press, and media outlet repetitively ad nauseam. Yet not many people know what they “actually” mean. Sadly, fewer still can apply what they do” know” to events happening in our country.

Don’t worry, this is not a vocabulary lesson of epic proportions. This is a story about a young man. For the sake of keeping things fairly similar to the facts — we will call him Pedro.

Pedro Luis Vasquez hails from a village in the mountains of Guatemala. Its inhabitants lead a simple life, with few of the comforts that even poor…

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Daddy Day-Can’t — The first of a three part Top 3 FAQ’s of New Parents

Coffee or Vodka?

Question # 1 –TOP 3 FAQ’S OF NEW PARENTS

crying baby

Dear: Parenting 911

My wife and I recently had our first baby, Alivia is already 2 months old and incredibly smart — at least I think so.  She is very aware of my wifes presence, and seems to fuss the moment she is out of sight. I however do not get the same grievance when I leave or enter a room, where Alivia is learning all about her surroundings. I work long hours, BUT; I took off a whole month so as to help my wife care for our daughter. My wife Jennilynne had a very difficult pregnancy, and even harder delivery — resulting in a C-section. I woke with Alivia attempted to feed, change, and even bath her. Though I can truly say as I tried to bond with her — SHE ALWAYS WANTED MY WIFE!!!!! It didn’t matter…

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