–10 Things EVERY family should consider doing this Holiday season —

Coffee or Vodka? Parenting 911

10 Things EVERY family should consider doing this Holiday season


” First and foremost let me begin by saying, the following letter sparked an idea that I believe leads into something bigger — and more importantly —  tradition exploration, discovery, and building.”

 Dear: Parenting 911

My husband and I have been married for 5 years. We were both products of the states we were born in, Until my husband  Julian and I met. He came  from a Rhode Island home — to the foster home in which I lived near Boston, MA. We were both heading to college and were only resident’s at this home for a brief period together. As the oldest children in the home of 6 kids and one foster-mother, we grew close fast.  Being older also made the closeness very different from “foster-brother / sister” relationship — that would usually develop in these situations. Instead…

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