???Eatin Boogers not food???

Coffee or Vodka? Parenting 911

Dear: Parenting 911 My son Drew is 4 he is impossible come meal time. ANY MEAL….. He loves his junk food — but hates veggies, loves cereal — hates oatmeal and fruit. He will not compromise…PERIOD… The Pediatrician said not to worry, but at his last physical he had lost 4 lbs — FOUR POUNDS — that’s A LOT for a four-year old. He is clearly not getting the proper nutrition, but by the time we’re done with the breakfast FIGHT I am so tired — I just let him eat what he wants. I am genuinely worried about my son, he feels like he is to big for me to tell him what to do about food. With his first year of school looming come fall, he has made it MORE THAN CLEAR — that he DOES NOT want a packed lunch — but instead cafeteria food, but I worry that…

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