Note : Here and Sphere is proud to publish this brief informational report on the current ALEC conference — its Commerce, insurance, and Economic development task force meeting — by Jack Murphy of New York City. Murphy is a vocal and fearless advocate for progressive reform and a voice we hope to bring into the Here and Sphere family of contributing bloggers. as for ALEC, it has valid economic and entrepreneurial objectives, but its legislative proposals work against that agenda by excluding almost everyone who is not entrepreneurial from participating in the entrepreneur economy. ALEC also promotes legislation every bit as devastating to civil rights and social justice as Murphy here opines — legislation that makes the entrepreneur agenda that much smaller and less good for people than it can be and should be. we urge you to read Murphy’s report.


—- —- —-
ALEC — the American Legislative exchange Council — has been its annual conference in Chicago where corporate lobbyists and conservative lawmakers will get together and will have a few drinks and “create more corporate friendly middle class destroying legislation”.

At the annual ALEC meetings corporate lobbyists sit down with conservative lawmakers to craft bills and then those lawmakers go back to their home states to get those bills passed and signed into law. According to Bloomberg Alec gets nearly 200 bills passed every year in state legislatures around the country. Alec was founded by men like Paul Waylick who infamously once said “he didn’t want everyone to be able to vote”. True to form Alec’s recent voter suppression ID laws are spreading from state to state like a bad cold.


While Alec is primarily known for voter suppression ID and stand your ground shoot laws its reach goes much further. In addition, this conservative organization is well-known for:

1. Promoting voucher programs that drain public schools resources by using taxpayer dollars to subsidize the profits of private for-profit schools.

2. Alec also uses its model legislation to push laws to limit union rights.

3. It organizes labor primarily through so-called right to work for less laws.

4. Alec also spends a lot of time and money on repealing minimum-wage laws nationwide that invite increases in the minimum wage.

5. And as of late, Alec is taken to defending the bottom lines of the oil by creating model legislation that keeps us addicted to fossil fuels.

6. According to the Alec exposed website at least 77 bills have been introduced in 34 states, so far this year, that oppose renewable energy standards, promotes tracking operations and/or support the Keystone XL pipeline.

7. And, Alec is working right this minute to create more environment destroying model legislation that will keep the oil industry and the Koch Brothers rich.

—- Jack Murphy / Guest Correspondent to Here and Sphere


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