^ no resumes, please ! just bring your baad self

—- —- —-

We at Here and Sphere will very likely be adding some core staff in August. That’s right : Here and Sphere is becoming a “job creator.” Who’d have thunk it ?

We welcome the hiring of staff. In the media world, staff come aboard with excitement, imagination, creativity, dedication. Motivation is never an issue, nor loyalty. Turnover doesn’t stop the presses.

That said, there’s one part of the hiring game that we do NOT like at all : resumes.

Resumes don’t fit well with the media rhythm. We’re about what you HAVEN’T done; what you HAVE done is…done, finished, over. We’re an adventure, not a re-run.

Sure we’d like to know where you went to school, what you studied, where you’re from, and did you graduate with honors. What jobs you’ve held since, however, matter little; the big thing is, can you WRITE ? Do you have a throat for a good story ? Do you think for yourself and outside the box ? Show us your clips.

Please do not spend money having a professional resume writer write one on you. We won’t read it. If we do read it, it’ll be for the curiosity simply.

Our disdain for resumes lost all civility when we surfed the site LINKED-IN. It’s supposed to be a connection arena for people at work. Unhappily almost every LINKED IN profile we have scanned reads “resume here!” Boring, boring. So depressing, indeed, that at our own LINKED IN profile we just had to write the following blurb :

“Yes, I have experience. So does my dog. Even my car has experience. I prefer to adventure upon that in which I have No experience — my mind can do this, my fingers can type it, my legs can chase it.

“In short, this is not a resume but the beginning of what someday will become one. A memento.

“A resume is like perfume — it makes you smell nice. By the time that you smell nice, however, you’ve already DONE what you began to do when you smelled like — skin.”

—- Michael Freedberg / Here and Sphere


Updated 7:12 P.m. EDT 08.01.13

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