^ Governor Baker lays out his long and detailed, full transformation plan for a  very different MBTA future  –if he gets his way

—- —- —-

It’s not often that, when addressing a major public issue, I feel justified in letting an elected official’s response speak for itself. When it comes to the MBTA, however, and where it stands after 16 months or so of Governor Baker’s management, there really is nothing to add to his lengthy address reprinted in its entirety below. Baker was elected as Mr. Fix It, with the managerial experience and know-how to accomplish the fixes, and this address makes clear that he has a detailed grasp of the T’s many, many shortfalls  and of the kind of effort that will be needed to get them fixed

One can argue about some aspects of baker’s assessment. I’m not convinced that the best solution for the parts warehouse’s inefficiencies, or the sad condition of the money counting room, is to outsource the work. Capital upgrades seem equally useful, thus preserving the know-how of the T’s current workers and letting it continue to be used. Still, it’s hard to differ with most of the under-performance examples cited by Baker, nor to dispute his plan to eliminate the mindset that adapts to these failures rather than correcting them.

And now, to the very long Baker statement itself. You can read it here  — — or in full in this article :

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