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We at Here and Sphere are angry at the imposition the City plans to placer upon parking in gthe Eagle Hill neighborhood of East Boston.

To that end, we are glad to reprint the following facebook post by Anna Panza-Dicenso, owner of the fabled neighborhood restaurant Rino’s Place.

Anna Panzini-Dicenso

Ok here goes! I’m about to open up a can of worms…..

Hello EBOD, as you see my name is Anna! My husband Tony and I are the owners of Rino’s Place. We have been in business for nearly 30 years. We have never once had an issue with our liquor license, we have done nothing but good for East Boston. We have donated many of dollars, gift cards to the locals school and organizations, I have donated plenty of food to our local Church, to the Meridian House. We even feed the homeless who come to us when they are hungry.

The reason for my post and this is strictly being written to the Eagle Hill Association, and any one
Involved in moving forward with this resident permit parking that is taking affect starting in April. I would like to know who started this, I would like to know when & where were these meetings taking place, I would to know who voted, I would like to know who approved it, I would like to know if every person who lives in the area considered “Eagle Hill” were notified, I would like to know why wasn’t my business as well as others notified?? Yes, I would like to know a lot of things.

This came to my attention as I was reading it here on Facebook.

As I stated I own a business. My husband and I don’t live in East Boston, nor does most of my employees. My business is how I feed my children, and how I clothe them. My business is how I pay my mortgage.

With that being said I would like to know where my husband is going to park, I would like to know where my employees are gonna park, I would like to know where are my customers gonna park?? Yes, those are more things I would like to know!

What is the purpose of this? I have made numerous calls and yes it was all in good faith. I was told that hurting small business was not their intent. I was told that there will be at least 2 parking spots on each corner of each street at my intersection that would be a “2 hour visitors parking spot”, the funny thing is, is that any person with a resident permit could park there!! Well that defeats the purpose.

I have spoke to many of people who live in the Eagle Hill area who was not even aware of this going into affect!!

So tell me what are you people looking for? Do you think when you arrive home from work you’ll have a spot waiting for you, do you think it will save your spot after a snow storm? No, that’s right you assume it’s gonna keep people from parking on Meridian Street and walking home to Chelsea, and you think it’s gonna stop people from parking 2-3 weeks at a time and going to the airport for vacation!!! Yup, that’s what I was told. Strange ha?? That’s what I was told was happening up on good old Eagle Hill.

It won’t be nice when I come down to visit my mother that I can only stay a short time, or on a holiday when all your guest need to keep moving their cars every 2 hours….because a handful oh Eagle Hill residents said they had too!

What a joke. I was born and raised in East Boston and I have every right to speak my mind! I, as well as many others are very upset over this. I am ready to move forward with any measure that may need to be addressed concerning this.

I know I’m gonna get a lot of negative feed back from this post, and it’s ok! Like I said I’m ready for it.

Anna DiCenso

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  1. I agree with you Anna, although I am not a native of East Boston. I live here five days per week and work at the airport- then go home on the weekend. I work long hours and am not able to commute back and forth everyday this is why I rent a room here. My car is registered out of state because that’s where my primary residence is. Will there be exemptions for airport workers? Looks like I’ll be moving to Woburn.


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