Heather Cornell’s rant : I DON’T KISS A$$

 1 Heather C

  1. I don’t kiss a$$, I don’t suck up, I don’t say what you want to hear, I say what i MEAN, I say the truth -if that’s what you need or ask for. And sometimes even if you don’t. If I’m quiet and say nothing to you EVER, good or bad – chances are I’ve put you in the chapter of my life, I like to call call …CLOSED!

    If I give you respect, RETURN IT!

    If you are not living MY LIFE EVERYDAY, do NOT mistakenly THINK you have the right to an opinion, do NOT feel ENTITLED to speak on and about subjects you know little to NOTHING about… #Fact

    You say you “hate” people who talk $h!/- but you gossip about family, friends, and acquaintances – as if they were your enemies.
    You say you “hate” prejudice – yet every person “different” from yourself, or your beliefs. .. IS WRONG, STUPID, or (_____)!

    You say you “Hate” liars, and cheaters – but if omitting the whole truth alleviates possible discourse, you quickly cheat that very same person out of the very truth they DESERVE.

    THEY SAY: Those who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.

    I think in order to have a house- FIRST you have to stop destroying, & tearing down structures built by others. All while learning how to build a steady foundation to BUILD ON yourself.. PERIOD!!

    Stop complaining that life sucks if you have NO intention on taking action to change it.

    STOP pointing out the faults of others, and preying on their weaknesses.

    That just means you’re too much of a coward to stop deflecting long enough to realize YOU NEED the tears and sorrows of the weak and hurting just to GET BY.
    Start inside, work on your emotional FUPA’S , and work out your insecurities without it being at the expense of someone else’s self esteem.

    BUILD don’t BREAK. You may have to change the course you’re travels to BUILD -CHARACTER- by reconstructing it.
    In order to RECHART and Stay The Course!! #BeABetterVersionOfYou,#StartingSomewhereLeadsAnywhere#BeContentWithBeingImperfectlyPerfect.

    — Heather Cornell / Here and Sphere