Senate Holds Confirmation Hearing For Amy Coney Barrett To Be Supreme Court Justice

^^^ a duffel bag full of smelly socks would be of more use than these overpaid selfie-sticks

—- —- —-

We the voters of America are sick and tired.

We are sick and tired of “shaking things up.”

We are sick and tired of the lies, the insults, the corruption, the tin-pot Mussolini.

We are sick and tired of the riots, the obsession with statues, the bigotry and the preaching.

We are sick and tired of the schlepp games being played by so-called Senators and Congresspeople.

We are sick and tired of green new deals, but also sick and tired of beardos bearing Confederate battle flags.

We are sick and tired of attention seekers and instagram “influencers.”

We are sick and tired of a minimum wage that isn’t enough to sustain a pet parrot, much less a family.

We are sick and tired of never-ending campaigns, sick and tired of plump pocket donors, sick and tired of wing tip selfishness and genderfluid socialism.

We are sick and tired of a Congress that can’t get a trip to the toilet done without dirtying the tile but thinks it can bogard the lives of vulnerable immigrants.

We are sick and tired of nutty conspiracy hippies.

We are sick and tired of braggarts and newcomers, sick of pissy egotists and paunch-tongued hippo-crats.

We are sick and tired of bicycle tyranny.

We are sick and tired of having to be sick and tired.

Justin Amash is right ; the two party system of politics is now nothing but competing arenas of avaricious slapstick comedians.

Justin Amash said it : most voters want just to be left alone to work out their lives and accommodate to their neighbors. Government to them has become an imposition, and worse, a late night Marx Brothers, a kettle of absurdity.

We are sick of that, tired of this, amused no longer,and beyond anger. We deserve better, and the drinkers of donor piss and eaters of zealot vomit — who currently misrepresent us — know we deserve better. Better than them. better than the political parties.

The Constitution is a superb document, built on the solid foundation of skepticism, erected by check and balance, topped off by high ideals that its skeptical structure recognizes lie beyond the power of mere humans to achieve.

Speaking of the Constitution, isn’t Amy Coney Barrett something special ? I am impressed wildly by her. I dislike her jurisprudence; but her presence and intellect radiate just as Fiona Hill’s did at the impeachment hearings eight months ago.

Of Barrett and Hill we are NOT at all sick and tired. Of them we are awake and hale.

—- Mike Freedberg / Here and Sphere

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