^ Mrs. Clinton : we enthusiastically endorse her as the only rational choice a voter can make this year

For President :

Many of you have already voted. This election has forced us all to do so. One of the two President candidates has hurled an existential threat to our people, the nation, the Constitution, and democracy itself.

Two weeks ago we endorsed the other major candidate, Hillary Clinton. We enthusiastically confirm it. Hillary Clinton must be President. There is no other viable choice.

Doubtless you have heard in the media a stream  of negatives roll against Mrs. Clinton. The accusations roll unstoppably. As far as we can discern, they are false, some of them grossly and knowingly false. We reject them. Among those who are voting for Mrs. Clinton are both Presidents Bush, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Bob Gates, and hundreds of Bush-administration officials — Republicans all. Mrs. Clinton has won the endorsement of almost every newspaper in the nation. Do you suppose that any of these would be voting for Mrs. Clinton if even one of the smears thrust upon her were true ? The question answers itself.

Mrs. Clinton is superbly qualified, with experience in  Federal governance unmatched by anyone who has not actually been President. She is smart, steady, dogged, and tough. Our foreign adversaries know this, which is why our biggest adversary, Russia, has worked overtime to undermine her campaign and bulk up that of her unworthy opponent.

The campaign of disinformation, espionage, hacking, and theft of private property engaged by Russia should disgust all Americans, as it repels us. All the more reason to elect the candidate whom Russia fears. Equally, Mrs. Clinton is feared by her domestic opposition. which has threatened to spend the next four years investigating her endlessly — at huge cost to the taxpayer — and to block her nominations to office, including to the Supreme Court. We take this threat as seriously as we do that from Russia. It is nothing less than sedition, and if reports are correct, it has the FBI’s New York office supporting it.

In a separate article, we will address this matter — a direct attack upon civic democracy and the rule of law. Suffice it here to say that Mrs. Clinton must be elected, for every reason, including a top to bottom purge of FBI operatives disloyal to the nation and its laws.

Other Endorsements : The Senate

Because Mrs. Clinton’s seditious, Republican opposition has stated its intention to block every executive move she makes, including nominations to offices requiring confirmation, we urge voters in appropriate stares to elect Democratic Senators and to oust Republican incumbents. Only if the Senate has at least 50 Democrats — Vice President Tim Kaine would break ties, thus 50 is enough — will Mrs. Clinton be able to exercise her Constitutional powers. We therefore urge voters to vote for the following :

Illinois : Tammy Duckworth (D) over incumbent Mark Kirk (R)

Pennsylvania : Katie McGinty (D) over incumbent Pat Toomey (R)

New Hampshire : Maggie Hassan (D) over incumbent Kelly Ayotte (R)

Missouri : Jason kinder (D) over incumbent Roy Blount (R)

Wisconsin : Russell Feingold (D) over incumbent Ron Johnson (R)

Nevada — an open seat :  Catherine Cortez Masto (D) over Joe Heck (R)

North Carolina : Deborah Ross (D) over incumbent Richard Burr (R)

If all of these endorsees win, the Senate will have 52 Democrats, enough to assure that Mrs. Clinton will be able to see her nominees to high office — including to the Supreme Court — confirmed. It is a scandal that Merrick garland, President Obama’s nominee to the High Court vacancy occasioned by the death of Justice Scalia, has not been able even to have a hearing and vote. The Senate’s Constitutional duty to “advise and consent” upon and to Presidential nominations does NOT contemplate stonewalling them.

If the endorsees all win, the re-election of our favored Republicans — John McCain (AZ), Rob Portman (OH), and Mike Lee (UT) can proceed without interrupting a Clinton nomination.

For Congress

Currently the Republicans have a majority of 30 out of the House’s 435 members. Given that most Congressional seats highly favor one party over the other, it’s most unlikely that 31 seats will change parties. Nor is every Republican Congressman au fait with the stonewalling tactic. That said, in those Districts where you have a Republican Congress person with a a record of opposition to everything, we urge you to vote for his or her Democratic challenger as long as said candidate has sufficient qualification to do the job.


— The Editors / Here and Sphere




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