1 President O speaks

^ the right-wing noise fantasy — fakers all — hates the America that President Obama is president of, but it’s glad to rake in millions of dollars from hate media which Obama’s America allows.

This has gone far enough.

For at least six years, Americans have been pummeled by the ugliest sort of negativity from what we call the “Right Wing.” Racism, selfishness, religion on the hoof, guns in your face, demeaning of everyody who isn’t White and — by their definition of it — Christian. The election of President Obama boomed this wave of anti, but even during George W. Bush’s presidency it festered. And now comes the lunacy that has circulated through social media these past two weeks, that an Army training exercise in Texas is actiually a plot to “take over” the state.

This has gone more than far enough.

This sort of craziness would be insignificant — clown car stuff– were it not that media controlled and funded by bigot billionaires give it enormous presence, seducing us to think that it represents many people, whereas it represents hardly any. It is but a loud fart farted from a very small butthole.

This smelly buffoonery toilets the noses of millions, persuading us, ny its stink, that something factual is at our door. It isn’t. None of it is a fact;. Nothing that right wing media bellows at us has any truth to it at all. It is false, as anyone can find who takes the time to do some serious looking at how things actually fall out.

The typical tactic of rightist media is to hit upon a incident which no one else finds of any importance, edit that incident, cut and splice the events, and reshape them as something that never did happen at all, then bellow that invented event at you as if it were your danger.

This has gone well beyond far enough.

Nothing of this diverges from what Nazi Germany did, or Stalin’s Russia, or from any other tyranny imposed, in the age of radio, TV, and the internet, by pirates and schemers lying to people and spreading groundless fears among us. But one difference there is : ur current noise folks do it for the money it brings them. Hucksters. Elmer Gantry.

As Franklin Delano Roosevelt said in 1933, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He said this at a time when Americans had plenty to worry about, and at which there were plenty of demagogues and liars all around — some with microphones and large audiences of the scared — bellowing out doom and hatred. Go listen sometime to the rants of Gerald L. K. Smith.

It stopped back then, and it must stop now. And if you won’t stop it, we will.

To the falsifiers, the propagandists, the apologist for greed, for bigotry, for guns and racism, the pugs who wrap their butts in “the Constitution” — whose purposes they actually oppose — as they go about attacking our nation, insulting what it stands for, we say this : America is not you and never will be you.

Though the struggle is difficult, and made much more difficult because of the noise glitter uttered by bigot media — which many seem to believe who ougut to know better — the America of tomorrow is coming : diverse, optimistic, innovative, tolerant, respectful, less violent; brave and welcoming.

The new America is growing fast in our big cities, whence it shall spread to the rest of our country, erasing the illusions, ridiculing the falsities, dissolving the fears and the hatreds, many of them spread by policy pimps whose purpose is to profit from people’s willingness to believe craven liars.

The new America is ours. Let us go for it, emabrace it, teach it to our children.

—- Mike Freedberg / Here and Sphere

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