Read our report on Sam Sutter’s victory in Tuesday’s Mayor recall.

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Mr. Smith goes to City Hall : victorious Sam Sutter enters his victory party at the legendary Clipper Restaurant on South main Street

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Yesterday 16,557 Fall River voters cast ballots in that city’s first ever recall election. On the recall question itself, the result wasn’t close. 10,631 voted “yes” to recall the city’s three-term mayor, Will Flanagan; only 4,669 voted “no.”

On the second question — who should be elected the city’s new mayor — the result wasn’t really close either. 6021 people voted for Bristol County District attorney Sam Sutter, 4393 for Flanagan. So that’s it, Sam Sutter will be Fall River’s new mayor.

A third candidate, Seekonk town manager Shawn Cadime, received 3,068 votes. City Councillor Mike Miozza won 2,298 votes. Both men had plenty of volunteers helping. Cadime had the city’s firefighters, a campaign organizer from Boston, and a team of policy people…

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