No Seat At the Table

To all our readers : we now add Rodney Singleton;s view from Roxbury to our correspondent reports. just for you !

Roxbury Calendar

Today’s panel discussion on the morning show about unions, diversity and a poll for mayor, served as fervent and substantive discussion on the radical difference between our two mayoral candidates, John Connolly and Marty Walsh and how our choice will impact communities of color. Indeed, last night’s debate around Marty Walsh’s union ties and arbitration is clearly the tip off!

Yes, many unions do great work, but given the current development boom and the prospect of that boom dominating the economy of our city, it’s fair to shine a light on only the trade unions, unions that have historically excluded people of color and continue to do so.

Which brings us to the man who would be mayor. For me, and trust for the vast majority of folks of color, the following excerpt from a story written by Bruce Mohl and Colman M Herman in this month’s Commonwealth Magazine speaks volumes:

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